Welcome from the WCCLS Manager

What a year. As you are well aware, the COVID-19 global pandemic changed the world for all of us. We at WCCLS are so proud of how together with our member libraries, we quickly readapted, reorganized, redesigned and reintroduced services that would keep our patrons’ access to resources intact. These highlights focus on the extraordinary demands our dedicated staff have met since March, 2020.

We begin our 45th anniversary year by looking back with gratitude to the contributions our many county and community partners have made to our success. And we look forward to even greater future accomplishments . . . with your help.

Thank you for your support of Washington County libraries.

Lisa Tattersall

Our Mission

WCCLS partners with local public libraries to connect people to excellent countywide library services.

Our Structure

WCCLS is a partnership between the County, nine cities and three nonprofit organizations. Funding for public library operations comes primarily from Washington County, and is supplemented by local resources.

Our Strategic Plan

A curious, engaged and literate community where everyone is welcome and thrives.

WCCLS partners with cities and nonprofit organizations to efficiently serve people in Washington County. We provide funding, infrastructure support, direct services, marketing and communications, and leadership and training.

Accountability, collaboration, inclusion, innovation and stewardship.

Increase access, enhance service consistency and efficiency, deepen community awareness and engagement and nurture our people and culture.

Our Funding

The majority of public library operating funds come from the Washington County general fund (60%), but a significant percentage (40%) comes from a five-year local option levy approved by voters in 2015 and renewed in 2020.

Our COVID Year Highlights

While it may seem odd to talk about “highlights” during a global pandemic, WCCLS and our member libraries quickly reallocated funds and shifted priorities in order to ensure that patron access to library resources continued with the least possible disruption. It was a challenging year – but one that was full of successes and new initiatives.

Our patrons passed the countywide library levy – resoundingly.

Voters showed enthusiastic support for their libraries with a 69% approval of the five-year levy.

Our Summer Reading Program Got a COVID Redesign.

The summer reading program for Washington County libraries was very different in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced library buildings to close to the public, which eliminated the possibility of traditional summer reading programs and activities.

WCCLS and library staff quickly recognized the need to reprioritize and designed a large-scale book distribution program at food distribution program sites.

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We published and promoted WCCLS’ statement on racial justice and racial equity resources web pages in mid-June. But our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is more than just words . . . it's a focus of all our work.

WCCLS makes home deliveries of library materials available to those who are unable to visit their local libraries. We partner with community organizations to meet the needs of children, families and older adults. We extend library services to migrant camps and provide early literacy training for parents and caregivers. We provide outreach services to a variety of cultural groups, schools and other venues where the people of Washington County live and work.

Better . . . Together

We make a difference in the lives of Washington County residents. Thank you for your support of WCCLS and Washington County libraries.